About Us

Asia Free Press (AFP) is a global online news media outlet, covering stories from Asian countries, with special focus on politics, security, economy, entertainment, culture, climate, and other important fields. AFP wants to promote ethical journalism and report authentic and real news from across Asia. Asia Free Press headquarter is located in Islamabad, Pakistan and have correspondents in different Asian countries.

Founded upon the principle of truth AFP is structured upon the following objectives:

  1. Asia Free Press shall follow journalism ethics and shall process and disseminate news and analysis based upon the truth.
  2. It is centered towards the Asian hemisphere and shall present well-informed and articulated updates related to the regional developments for its readers.
  3. As a non-partisan and founded upon the principle of freedom of information AFP shall observe the policy of unbiased working mechanism.
  4. AFP does not aim to pursue any specific agenda of any country or group
  5. AFP is modeled to provide fair and free access to information regarding the Asian hemisphere.
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