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The intellectual property rights of all news and information encompassing articles, photos, graphics, and images of Asia Free Press (AFP) are property of Asia Free Press and protected by relevant laws.

It is prohibited by law to publish, broadcast, copy, store, distribute, display, sell, distort, and alter news & information produced by AFP without prior permission. Users of the Asia Free Press service must abide by the following rules:

  1. Information provided by AFP shall not be published, broadcast, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or sold, directly or indirectly, through any medium without prior permission of AFP and may not be modified, altered, or altered for publication, broadcasting, adaptation, or distribution.
  2. Clients and users of Asia Free Press must use the products only for their authorized purposes.
  3. Asia Free Press users agree not to distort, adapt or tamper our contents.
  4. Asia Free Press is not responsible for the problems arising from unauthorized distortion, modification, or alteration of its products.
  5. Users of the AFP may not access or use electronic devices to store or distribute its contents without prior written permission.
  6. AFP users may not use its contents for commercial resale or non-profit information services without prior written permission.

To use in newspapers, broadcasting, publications, feel free to contact the Information Division:

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